As a Temp you are entitled to Statutory Sick Pay (SSP), Statutory Maternity (SMP) & Statutory Paternity Pay (SPP) if you satisfy certain criteria set by the Inland Revenue.

Sick Pay (SSP) - Valid for 2011/12 Tax Year

As a Temp you qualify for Statutory Sick pay if you are off for a period of at least 4 days or more in a row. All days of sickness count towards the total number of days, even non-working days (i.e. weekends).  Statutory Sick Pay is not payable for the first three days of sickness. These are called ‘waiting’ days and pay is due from the fourth day onwards.

You do have a duty to inform us of your sickness immediately and provide a Medical Certificate (obtained from your Doctor) on the 8th consecutive days of sickness, should your illness last this long.

The amount of time you can claim SSP is 28 weeks

The rate payable is £81.60 per week (approx £16.32 per day)

You cannot claim SSP if;             

  • You are off sick less than the period stated above
  • You do not inform us immediately of your illness
  • You have had average weekly earnings less than the Lower Earnings Limit in the
    relevant period prior to being off sick
         a. Relevant Period 8 weeks    

Click here for a Self Certificating Sick Form

For further information on SSP please click here

Maternity & Paternity Pay (SMP)

To claim statutory Maternity/Paternity pay you must satisfy certain criteria outlined by the Inland Revenue.

For further information on this criteria click here

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